Brent Bocnuk is the one-legged guy with nearly 50 years of breaking testing crutches!

Meet David Paulson...

Besides being a custom crutch designer, David is the owner of David Raye Engineering. David Raye Engineering has been in business since 1991, specializing in custom vehicle design and general custom metal fabrication. David Raye Engineering has experience in fabrication of a wide variety of custom metal parts. They have designed and fabricated several pairs of custom crutches.

David is a degreed mechanical engineer and graduate of Southwest State University in Minnesota and has extensive experience in building custom metal parts and vehicles. A lifelong resident of Minnesota, David was born and raised in Alexandria, MN, and graduated from Jefferson Senior High School. He is the father of three children, 2 boys and a girl.

Prior to starting David Raye Engineering, David has worked as a development and manufacturing engineer for several large corporations, including Honeywell, Control Data, Litton Industries, Alliant TechSystems.

David Paulson is the two-legged guy that finally created a pair that won't break!