Let us work with you to design a truly custom pair of crutches!

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Square Tube Design

A major benefit of our square tube design is the ability to lean the crutches against a wall, table or chair etc… and not have them fall off to the side. Because of the square tube, one crutch lays “flat” against the square tube of the other and will not easily tilt and crash onto the floor. Have you ever watched a waitress struggle to get your crutches to stay upright when dining out and she is putting them out of the way for you? They eventually have an embarrassing tumble only moments later. Round tube crutches do not cooperate very well when trying to lean them against each other or anything! It’s like setting a ball on top of another ball, very unstable or impossible!

Items you carry rest nicely against the flat sides of our square tube designed crutches! And don’t worry if you accidently run over them with a snowmobile. Our crutches can take it, no problem. (Field tested again!)


Throughout the years, each experience has brought me closer to zeroing in on the ultimate pair of walking utensils. Some of the true tests of crutch strength are activities that involve extreme side loading, which can cause a dangerous crutch failure when she lets go!!

  • Punting a football with one crutch
  • Carrying an outboard motor, or fuel cans, or water jugs, or batteries... the list goes on
  • Carrying my children up or down stairs
  • Dragging the big buck out of the woods during deer hunting season

Fortunately I have never been speared when my crutches broke above the handles and below the arm rests. Even a quick slip on the ice or a wet tile floor can cause an interesting situation when you force a crutch to get repositioned under you quickly. Sometimes ending with a loud snap!

One-Piece Design

Our one piece custom crutch makes no rattles or squeaks. They are quiet... There is nothing to come loose or rattle. Some metal crutches have wooden tops or wooden handles. No matter how they are fastened, they will come apart or loose. Loose tops can pinch armpits (you won’t forget it - ouch!) and also will allow water to fill in the crutch tube.

Traditional, adjustable crutches can be very embarrassing when you come in from the beach or pool and lay your crutches down on your hosts’ nice carpeted floor. Low and behold, metal stained water and sand begins running out of the cracks of your metal or wooden crutches! Too late, unless you're using our sealed walking tools!

Custom Coating

All metal powder coated crutches clang like church bells when setting them together, laying them down or loading them into your car, boat, etc. Our custom crutches have a rhino lining texture baked onto them for quiet operation and are extremely tough to even make a mark on them.

Powder coating will chip like leaves falling from trees when used like I do. When I test crutches they are in for a tough ride. Like roped and bungeed to a snowmobile for thousands of miles. Or abused on a four wheeler bouncing for a million lumps chaffing together. Try clattering together in a boat for 20,000 miles a summer! My chainsaw has kissed the sides of my crutches for 30 years. No more powder coating on those old ones, and then the crutches look like the paint job on a well run stock car -- chipped and scarred.

Our rhino coated crutches are ready for me to take my daughter out dancing at the father-daughter ball after I have abused them all day in the woods. And not a visible mark. The coating is soft and forgiving. You can also have our lining in a real rugged pattern that has the texture of tree bark if you wish. It looks unlike any metal coating you have ever seen. It creates many conversations with people asking what your crutches are made of. And it catches and reflects light like moonlit waves. Whether you are carrying just yourself, tools, guns or a briefcase, our crutch lining is the answer.

A huge benefit of our crutch lining is the temperature it does NOT hold. Example: When I come into a building from scorching heat or 40 below zero my previous powder coated crutches were that outside temp for several minutes once inside. Try taking off your jacket and having a bare arm or armpit touch that metal at 40 below zero!!!! Or stuffing sun baked powder coated crutches under your arms at the beach!! Almost a new weld!! Our lining layer takes on a comfortable temperature almost immediately. It is not metal touching your skin. This feature is very, very noticeable.

Custom Colors

You can choose any color under the sun for your custom crutches. Heck, choose the color OF the sun. I like having fun with them. Camo in the fall, red white and blue to show my patriotism, orange during hunting season. Snow camo in the winter is cool until they fly off your snowmobile and you have to turn around and find white on white... Maybe black in the winter would be better. How about team colors for sports (teams AND fans)? There is always someone on the sidelines leaning on a pair of crutches ready to break, unless they are our custom crutches!

You can pick one color or many colors to create your own custom look. Please keep in mind ladies, these walking tools are not war clubs. We will build custom crutches for any size person and the materials will be adjusted to meet your needs and yet stay lightweight. Also, I can’t wait to see that first pair of high gloss pink come off the line!